Signature Facial

$95      |      45 Min. 


$65   x     4 Sessions                $260

Payment Plan

 2 Payments

1st.    Session Pay 60%       --->  $156 2nd.  Session Pay 40%       --->  $104

This fabulous Signature Facial creates high speed oscillation making a deep exfoliation without aggressive mechanical action. Its triple action reduce acne, cleans clogged pores and rejuvenates the outer layer of skin, leaving the skin appearing significantly younger, smoother, fresher, and perfectly prepared for product application. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. The treatment is pain-free but it may be slightly uncomfortable. During and after the treatment the skin may show a bit of redness, however this effect is normal and usually disappears very quickly. Does not include extractions, any skin type.


Recommended once a month


Sonic Brush

Custom Mask

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Ultrasonic Peeling

Cold Touch

Add On+ Extractions: $10

- It's Safe for all skin types

- Effective

- No side effects

- No downtime

 Treatment can’t be performed if the following is present:

- Open cuts, wounds, abrasions 

- Active acne

- Active  Cold sores.

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding