+ Electroporation

Toning, loss of skin elasticity & sagged skin treatment

$200      |      90 Min.

50% Off      x     8 Sessions             $800

Reg. Price: $1600

Payment Plan

 2 Payments

1st. Session Pay 60%         --->   $480

4th. Session Pay 40%      --->    $320

*** Radio Frequency energy treatment (RF) is used for non-surgical tightening of loose or sagging skin. Pure RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by tightening.

*** Radio waves penetrate the outer skin layers, delivering heat energy to the deep dermal layers.

This heat stimulates collagen production and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a reduction in sags and wrinkles.

***    IMPORTANT    ***

Expect maximum visual results within approximately 3 weeks (21 days) after the first treatment. This time is needed for the production of new collagen.

*** 2 treatments per week, for a series of 8 sessions is recommended.

***  This treatment is followed by RF, Electroporation and Cryo Wrap. 

Indications for Radiofrequency skin treatment

  • fat deposits in problem areas;

  • cellulite;

  • stretch marks;

  • loss of skin elasticity;

  • sagged skin;

  • photoaging.

RF lifting treatment is widely used as an additional course in slimming programs that helps get rid of skin laxity, sagged skin, and stretch marks.

        Post Treatment

*  Skin care products recommended day/night

  • No downtime.

  • It is suitable for all skin types and for different areas of treatment.

  • Congestive heart failure

  • History of blood clots or stroke

  • Current infection

  • Liver or kidney problems

  • Obesity