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The areas around the eyes are three times thinner and requires special care.

Crow’s Feet:

You may notice the fine lines that start to form around and under your eyes as you get older. These lines are known as crow’s feet, generally, the first sign of aging on your face. The area under and around your eyes is a thinner and more delicate area of the face due to the lack of fat and muscle. Skin and Silhouette provides a variety of treatment options and products to improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

Dark Circles:

Though often a result of lack of sleep, Dark Circles can appear regardless of your age, skin tone or type, no one is immune to darkened shadows underneath the eyes. While we are all prone to dark discolorations in this area from time to time, some may feel that the occurrence of these shadows are permanent.

Book a Consultation with Skin and Silhouette today and our certified esthetician will help to determine your best treatment plan.

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