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$130      |      45 Min. 

$100    x     4 Sessions             $400

Payment Plan

2 Payments

1st. Session Pay 60%         --->   $240

2nd. Session Pay 40%      --->    $160

Needle-Free Mesotherapy is an advanced technique which combines electroporation and electrophoresis, in this way the active substances penetrate the skin and are absorbed deeply, achieving amazing results. It is a great alternative to standard mesotherapy, but without using needles. It is excellent to treat Cellulite in all its stages, Localized Adiposity, Stretch Marks, Acne and Wrinkles.

Our Advanced technology European system allows the ingredients to be taken inside cells, thus ensuring their maximum effectiveness, without having to use needles or injections.


- Intensive: consists of 4 to 10 treatments, 5 days interval between treatments.
- Maintain: one treatment per month to maintain the results of intensive course.


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  • Vitamin A (Retinol)

Retinol, the purest and most active form of Vitamin A. 

Pure Retinol and Hydrogenated Retinol that acts on the internal layers of the skin, at
the dermal and epidermal level. Works to minimize signs of ageing associated with hormone changes and photoaging such as wrinkles, flaccidity, lack of luminosity, etc.

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  • Vitamin C+

This Vitamin is suitable for all skin types and provides a pronounced rejuvenating result.

Helps protect the skin from the negative effects of the external environment.

  • neutralization of free radicals;

  • activation of collagen production;

  • saturation of cells with vitamin C, which slows down the processes of natural aging.

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  • Hyaluronic acid

Three levels of Hyaluronic Acid molecular size; high molecular weight, low molecular weight and nanomolecular. Each fraction of hyaluronic acid solves specific tasks for the treatment, healing and rejuvenation of different skin types. 

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  • Anti-Acne | Oily Ampoule

Action: Sebum-regulating and Anti-bacterial


This ampoule helps normalize the imbalance of oily skin prone to acne.

  • Reduces and balances sebum secretion.

  • Inhibits bacterial proliferation.

  • Reduces inflammatory states.

  • Strengthens the skin’s natural resistance.

  • Benefits

- It's Safe for all skin types

- Pain-free

No side effects

No downtime
- Instant effect
- Versatility: It can even be used by           women with fragile vessels or                 sensitive skin.

  • Contraindications

- Cancer

- Cardiovascular or Heart Problems

- Hypotension or Hypertension stage III

- Fever

- Mental diseases (epilepsy, hysteria, psychosis)

- Varicose veins stage III

- Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

- High blood pressure

- Generalized eczema

- Diseases of the thyroid gland

- Sinusitis

- Metal in the area of the procedure 

   (large pins, plates, prostheses, etc.)

- Cold Sore

- Skin wounds