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Microneedling | Nanoneedling

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$169      |      60-90 Min.

$139    x     4 Sessions     =     $556

Add On+

- Neck and Décolleté $35

- Technology $35

- Extractions: $15 

Payment Plan

 2 Payments

1st. Session Pay 60%     

2nd. Session Pay 40%   

MICRONEEDLING: This Procedure is based on the skin’s capacity to regenerate naturally, increasing collagen and elastin production and generating improvement in the quality and texture of the skin by using micro needles to create micro-wounds. The results are visible in very little time: Acne scars, fading of expression lines and wrinkles, more homogeneous tone and improvement of the skin’s texture (thick skin with open pores).  

NANONEEDLING: Designed to have zero discomfort, zero downtime, and easy-going aftercare requirements. Instead of numbing cream, custom powerhouse topicals are applied to the skin. This provides three essentials for Nano Needling to perform best: comfortable glide, maximum hydration, and high absorption of corrective serums. Creating these nano-channels stimulates blood flow and Oxygen, and allows a pathway for the serums to penetrate more efficiently; therefore, increasing healthy collagen production and cellular repair while restoring radiance.


   896 N Main St. NW, Conyers, GA 30012 

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