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Payment Plan

2 Payments

1st. Session Pay 60%         --->   $228

2nd. Session Pay 40%      --->    $152

$125     |      45 Min. 

$95    x     4 Sessions             $380

LED is an infrared ray of light that utilizes therapeutic wavelength of colors to treat various depths of the skin layer. It also uses long light waves that can safely penetrate deeply into the skin.


- Intensive: Consists of 3 to 6 treatments, 5 days interval between treatments.
- Maintain: One treatment per month to maintain the results of intensive course.

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  • Red Light


This penetrates to a depth of the skin and is ideal for treating problems close to the surface of the skin.


This is also effective at stimulating fibroblast cell activity in the skin, increasing the production of collagen and elastin (the protein responsible for your skin’s tone and elasticity).  

This Light, treats ACNE and other skin surface problems. It is cleared by the US FDA to clear inflammation, kill acne-causing bacteria, close pores, and heal the skin. This results in a cleared and smoother skin.

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  • Blue Light


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  • Yellow Light


Yellow LED has a calming effect on the skin and has been proven to assist in reducing melasma and other issues of skin discoloration.


The wavelengths of the Yellow Light target melanocytes, or melanin-producing cells in the bottom layer of the epidermis. By targeting melanocytes, excess melanin is blocked from traveling to the surface of the skin. This breaks up clusters of pigment and therefore diminishes any existing unwanted hyperpigmentation.

- It's Safe for all skin types

- Effective, and Pain-free

- No side effects

- No downtime

- Skin cancer

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

- Epilepsy

- Photosensitivity