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Chemical Peel

 30  - 90 Min. 


•    Skin T (TCA)                           $185

•    J - Peel (Jessner)                      $195

•   Virtual-Needling Peel    $259

•   Virtual-Nano Peel           $198

Add On+

- Neck and Décolleté $35

- Hands $25

- Technology From $35

Our medical grade peels are not created equal. They generally differ on the strength of the peeling agent, their depth of penetration into the skin, and consequently, on the length of their healing process. Depending on your skin type and your skin concern, a gentle peel may be prescribed as pigmentation treatment over the course of several months, or a single, deeper peel may be more suited to achieve the kind of long-lasting (and dramatic) result you want.

These highly effective peels are ideal for patients with Acne, Acne scars, Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Uneven skin tone and Age Spots. 


Client consultation is Required, where the Esthetician will determine the best strength and formula of peel for your individual needs based on your skin condition, Fitzpatrick, number of layers, and your available recovery time.  


•    If you will not use SPF daily, you should NOT perform this treatment.
•    A good Post skincare regimen is recommended to see optimal results.

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